Ubuntu’s Dash opens Chromium tabs on search

As a long term Linux user I am not that fast annoyed by any bugs until recently. I’ve upgraded Ubuntu to 13.04(also appears to affect 12.10) with Chromium as default browser. It all looks very fancy but there has been one downside.

The problem

When searching in Unity’s Dash Chromium starts opening empty tabs. The amount of tabs opening when searching varies from one to sometimes four.

The fix

The solution is very simple.

  1. Open the application “System settings”
  2. Go to “Privacy”
  3. Toggle the “Include online search results” to “OFF”


Thats it, no more tab spawning when searching in Unity’s dash. Hope this saves you some frustration.

EDIT 9 June 2013: Jonathan Leaders and Ruben Bakker found the solution for this bug. Quoted from AskUbuntu:

I believe found a fix.

If you have “Online Accounts” authorized for Ubuntu/unity system (the gear icon in the upper right -> System Settings -> Online Accounts) and there is a access issue (Shows a red gear icon and throws a warning on boot) then this bug happens.

The fix is to re-authorize your existing accounts (Perhaps it occurred because I had changed my google password, and so they became unauthorized?) which can be done from

System Settings -> Online Accounts. Correct any errors listed.

In any case, re-authorizing my Google accounts seems to have fixed the problem for me. Hope this helps.

– Jonathan Leaders

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu’s Dash opens Chromium tabs on search

  1. Hi Tim

    Many thanks for that tip. This behaviour gave me headaches the last days and with your post I could finally fix it.

  2. Eventually found this and your solution. Thank you very much, a lot of questions out there with no solution. I’m not sure how you discovered this however?

    • Hi Paul, I’m glad you found my solution. As of today there is a permanent solution found by Jonathan(see comments).
      I found this workaround by trail and error. Tried signing out of Chrome with my gmail acount but that didn’t help. Then I ran Chrome in debug mode but still no messages about the dash. After that I tried turning off the “include online search results” which did the trick!

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